ICT Department


ICT department of Gazipur City Corporation is an important department of the Corporation. This department is introduced with the objective of application of Information Technology (IT) in the planning & day-to-day operational activities of both the Corporations in order to increase the productivity, dynamism & transparency in the functions and as a result providing more quality services to the city dwellers.


  • Supporting GCC on any Information & Communication Technology related activities like holding tax automation, birth certificate automation etc.
  • To take initiative for phase-by-phase Computerization of GCC activities.
  • Systems Analysis, Design, Develop & Implement the Computerized Application Systems
  • To help the Corporation in increasing the effective use of IT.
  • Requirement assessment and Procurement of H/W, S/W & Accessories for GCC.
  • Arranging IT related Training Programs for the GCC personals.
  • To arrange regular maintenance of Computer H/W, S/W and network.
  • Arranging Intranet and Internet accessibility and maintain it.
  • Authoring, regular updating, maintaining and improving of the GCC Website.
  • Establishing Geo-database and other databases in order to support planning and decision making process of GCC.

Key Contact

MD. Abdul Hamid Sarker

Slum Development Officer


Email: hamidgcc2@gmail.com

Gazipur City Corporaation

Ground Floor, Nagar Bhaban,

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